Credit Recovery Options

Options For Credit Make-Up

Utah Students Connect
Online Program
Students must enroll at the beginning of each term.
*New Credit (no fee during school year, $45 per .25 credit in summer) or make-up credit ($45 per .25 credit. Most subjects offered.

Counselor Enrollment Required

Final exams are proctored at the Jordan Applied Technology Center Building #2 rm 241, after school or evening hours. ID required for testing
Cost: $45 per .25 credit
Not an open entry program
Must have counselor complete enrollment
Must email assignments to teachers

Northridge Learning Center
Independent Study Packets
Free Testing
Open M-Th 1:00-6:00pm
Open enrollment
(801) 538-7760
3652 West 9800 South South Jordan
Cost $50 per .25 credit
Make-up packets (pass/fail)
New packets (letter grade)
Free tutoring available for purchased packets
Final Exams must be taken at Northridge

Valley Summer School
325 West 11000 South South Jordan
(801) 572-7035
Two summer sessions offered. Make up credit only
Sessions are first come first served, tickets handed out beginning at 7:00am
1st session registration June 5-6 from 8:00am-2:00pm 1st session is June 12- June 29
2nd Session registration July5-6 from 8:00am-2:00pm
2nd session July 10-July 28
.25 credit
$45 registration fee (non-refundable) plus $35 per class
No fee waivers accepted
Core classes only are offered

BYU Independent Study
Open Enrollment
Students have 2 options for testing: 1) BYU Testing sites 2) From the BYU website a proctor must be found, usually $35 fee
BYU 800-914-8931
Testing Sites
BYU Extension Service
345 N Temple (801) 933-9400
120 Morris Center, Provo UT
Look on the BYU website for a proctor close to you.
Cost $140-150 for most classes (.5 credit)
Additional Fees: textbooks, supplemental packets, $10 printed packets
Tests must be ordered in advance Must pass final for each course

Jordan School District secondary schools will accept credit and grades awarded to a student by any public/private ed. Source that is accredited by the Utah State Office of Education, Northwest Assoc. of Accredited Schools, or the International Council of School Accreditation Commissions.