Registration for the 2023-2024 School Year is Here!

Please note that students desiring to return to Fort Herriman who have previously been attending a charter school need to complete a letter of intent available in the Fort Herriman Middle School Counseling Center to return to their boundary school by June 30th.  Under the Utah State Charter School Law, June 30th is the deadline to declare your intent to return. If you are registering a new student, please visit our New Student link from the Registration drop-down menu.

SCHEDULE CHANGES for 2023-2024

You will be able to view schedules on August 1st. Schedule Changes will begin on August 16th at 8 am and will remain open until August 23rd. All changes will be done through Arena Scheduling, not through the counselors as in the past.


This form is designed for schedule changes that fall beyond the schedule change date or teacher changes. It must be completed entirely before a schedule change will be considered.
Teacher Change Form