Utah Scholars: Utah Scholars have made the choice to be ready for their futures by committing to take the Utah Scholars Core Course of Study in grades 9-12. Utah Scholars partners school districts with local community and business leaders in an effort to increase the number of Utah students accessing and completing post-secondary education.

Utah Scholars

Higher Ed Utah: The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) is committed to providing accessible, affordable, and high quality post-secondary education to all Utah residents.

Higher Ed Utah

Utah Futures: Parents and students will be able to browse Utah Futures for information and tools to help better prepare and plan for future educational and occupational success. Counselors will show students how to navigate the website as well as use some of the information it provides to help 8th graders create a 4 year plan. If you have any further questions please contact your counselor.

Utah Futures

State Scholarship Handout: A quick and easy resource containing vital information regarding some of the available scholarships for in-state schools provided by Herriman High School’s Scholarship Coordinator. 

In-State Scholarship Handout

Herriman High School Scholarship Page: Information on Scholarships can be found on the Herriman High School Scholarship page and is a great resource for students. 

HHS Scholarship Webpage